Our Services

We're an audio production company that provides services such as audio recording, mixing, mastering, and music production. 

Recording. we provide exceptional recording services for music production, film, and radio. 

Mixing. Your project will be mixed by our crew of handpicked engineers AND DELIVERED WITHIN 3-5 BuSINESS DAYS (Depending on the complexity of the mix).  

Mastering. A project is never done until it has been mastered. That's why we partnered with a mastering studio. "Mastering a project is like bumping it up a whole letter grade, if it's a B- we take it to an A+".

Sound Design Projects

The objective of the following projects were there following:

  • Strip all audio and recreate everything from scratch
  • Find talents for character voices
  • Find appropriate music for the different scenes and moods
  • Replace all sounds in the film (digital library + live recording) 
  • Mix all sound effects and music to create cohesiveness and continuity throughout the film

Recording, Mixing & Mastering

Radio Post-Production